Voucher-Based Payments

The bridge between the physical and digital payment methods. Give your customers the freedom to go beyond cards and pay in local currencies.
Embrace the advantages of voucher-based payment providers and discover a transformative payment experience tailored to the unique needs of businesses in CBD, iGaming, Nutra, and Adult sectors.

Learn More About Voucher Payment Methods

The Voucher payment methods are usually common in countries where there is a sizable number of customers that lack cards or bank accounts such as Japan, offering a backup payment option to improve conversion. Anyone with a bank account can issue a voucher with all the necessary payment information. It is a push payment, which relies on the consumer to initiate the payment, similar to using a bank wire. When ready to pay, customers can take it to any location that processes this payment method, or they can have it processed online. Once payment is approved, the transaction is done. One of the significant challenges businesses face with traditional payment methods is the risk of chargebacks. Chargebacks occur when customers dispute a transaction, resulting in funds being returned to the customer, and the b

Benefits of Paying with Voucher-Based Payment Providers

Versatile Payment

The hybrid nature of the voucher payment method helps to address the problem of cash-sticky users by allowing them to pay with cash whilst simultaneously catering to digital natives.

Less Prone to Mistakes

The information and verification codes that are present on the generated voucher provides not only the exact amount needed to pay, but also acts as a means of fraud protection since the codes on it serve as a mark of authenticity.

Buyer Convenience

On top of being able to cater to both physical and digital payment methods, voucher-based payment providers are connected to a large network of collection centers and partnering banks. This combination serves to cater to the vast unbanked population in the countries these payment providers hail from, and address the low penetration rate that are present in these markets.

Global Reach and Multi-Currency Support

Expanding your business to global markets requires payment flexibility. Our voucher providers offer multi-currency support, enabling you to accept payments from customers worldwide.

Why Choose Voucher Providers through PaymentFinder?

PaymentFinder boasts an extensive network of reputable voucher providers with a proven track record of serving high-risk industries. Our partners are renowned for their expertise, reliability, and tailored solutions. One of the most important ways that merchants can localize their product offering is by offering payment methods that local customers expect. With enhanced security, swift payment processing, global capabilities, and dedicated support, we empower your business to thrive and succeed in today's competitive landscape.

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