High-Risk Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing

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Our expert team has extensive experience in partnering with diverse industries, enabling you to unlock your business’s true potential while mitigating the risks associated with your operations. Don’t let the challenges of high-risk industries hold you back.

High-Risk Processing Rates

The actual rates for High-Risk Processing depend on a number of factors. Businesses in a “less risky” high-risk category should expect credit card processing fees to start around 3.5%. From there, costs can rise to 10% or more, with the highest rates coming for those in the riskiest industries or businesses using “offshore” merchant service providers. At PaymentFinder, we leveraged our collective expertise to establish a robust vetting process and developed a user-friendly platform for businesses to find reliable payment processors.

Reduce Chargebacks for High-Risk Businesses

High-risk merchants are more susceptible to chargebacks. Payment processors may require you to maintain a rolling reserve to cover your risk of potential chargeback and possible failure to complete payments due. To avoid chargebacks make sure that when customers read their bank statement, there’s no reason for them to struggle to figure out what your transaction was for. Provide as much transparency and clarity as you possibly can. Integrate robust and up-to-date fraud prevention tools, like 3D secure and Ethoca.

High-Risk Sectors We Work With

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