Checkmate Sales Agents

payment providers

Negotiation with payment providers in iGaming often feels like an intense chess match. This isn’t just a business transaction – it’s a strategy game where you must plan your moves well in advance and execute them with precision. Here are some strategies to help you get the best deal and secure checkmate.

Start by understanding the lay of the land. The chessboard, in this case, represents the current market fees. Knowledge is your queen – the most powerful piece in your arsenal. By understanding the intricacies of transaction fees, service charges, and cross-border fees, you’re positioning yourself for a more balanced and informed negotiation.

Next, consider the classic chess technique – “Zugzwang.” This is a situation where any move your opponent makes will weaken their position. How do you apply this in negotiation? Show interest in their payment solutions but avoid promptly replying to their offer. Doing so forces the agent’s hand to make the next move, often improving the terms in your favour.

Remember, in chess, the promise of a strong endgame can compel your opponent to rethink their strategies. Similarly, hinting at a high volume of transactions can lead the agent to offer better terms. But remember, your move must be plausible. 

Overpromising can jeopardise your position on the board. Just as the humble pawn can be promoted to a queen in chess, never underestimate your position in the negotiation. Proposing your fees and terms might seem audacious, but this move shows the agent that you are not a mere receiver of terms but an active player in this game.

Finally, consider the unexpected gambit. Introduce an innovative approach to negotiation. Perhaps a proposal for a sustainability clause or a joint community contribution initiative. Such unconventional strategies can distinguish you as a formidable player on the chessboard of payment negotiations.

This game requires finesse, patience, and calculated risk. So, wear your strategic hat, make your moves confidently, and master the art of negotiation to win in the ever-evolving world of iGaming.

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